How to cancel future fitness membership

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How do I cancel my future fitness membership?

How do I cancel my membership? Member may cancel with 31 days written notice after initial agreement terms are fulfilled. Written notice entails sending a letter to 157 Boston Post Road, North Windham, Connecticut clearly stating your intention to cancel.

How much does future cost per month?

This app offers a concierge, flexible and technically graceful training experience for a flat fee of $150 per month, which is much less than the $100 an hour a personal trainer would run you. Plus, if you don’t already have one, Future will loan you a gratis Apple Watch to help monitor your fitness.

How much does future fitness cost?

At $149 per month, Future costs more than some gyms but less than IRL personal training sessions. That said, it’s pricey for a fitness app, so it might not be worth the cost if you don’t need or want a hands-on personal trainer experience at home.

What is in the future welcome kit?

The welcome kit comes with a water bottle and an Apple Watch (yes, you read that correctly), which will give your PT real-time stats on your activity level per day (read: you can’t just sit on your couch and say you worked out).

How many clients do future trainers have?

On average, full-time trainers work 30 to 40 hours a week, training 15 to 25 clients. And even if you eat, sleep, and breathe fitness, it’s a huge undertaking. Since most clients only sign up for a set number of sessions, you always need to be looking for new prospects.

Who owns Future app?

Rishi Mandal is the CEO and Co-Founder of Future, the fitness training app that pairs you 1:1 with a world-class coach to manage your ongoing fitness remotely. Formerly, Rishi served pivotal roles at Google as a Senior Product Manager, Postmates as the Director of Product, and Sosh as the founder and CEO.

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Is the future fitness app worth it?

Without a doubt, the Future App is worth it for those who want a routine that motivates while also getting you the results you’re looking for. After about a month of working out with Future, I am thoroughly impressed with everything that this platform has to offer.

Is the future app good?

The Future app is a great training app for most people, whether you’ve been training for years or you’re just getting started. The personalization of this app according to your personal training goals is what makes it so special.

Does future give you an Apple Watch?

At sign up, Future will send you an Apple watch to use if you don’t already have one. You’re charged a refundable deposit of $199, but you get that right back when you send the watch back. It’s a no-risk deal, and after doing workouts with and without the watch, I’m team Apple watch all the way.

How much do future app trainers make?

How much does a Performance Coach at Future make? The typical Future Performance Coach salary is $52,689 per year. Performance Coach salaries at Future can range from $46,211 – $65,951 per year.

How does future workout work?

The only way to beat laziness is with guilt, so that’s what Future sells. It assigns you an actual human trainer who builds personalized workout plans and messages you throughout the day to make sure you’re doing them. It even gives you an Apple Watch to track your activity and ensure you’re not lying.

What is future personal training app?

Future combines the best of personal training with the flexibility to work out anytime at home, in the gym, outside or on the road. Future matches you with one of the best personal trainers in the country who builds workouts just for you, based on your goals, your fitness level and any equipment you have access to.

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