How to cancel my la fitness membership

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How do I cancel my membership at LA Fitness?

How to cancel LA Fitness
  1. Log into your LA Fitness account.
  2. Click on ‘Member Tools’ in the top toolbar.
  3. Select ‘My LA Fitness’ from the dropdown.
  4. Enter your account details.
  5. Click ‘Cancellation Form’ and fill your details.
  6. Print the form and send it to LA Fitness, PO Box 54170, Irvine, CA 92619-4170 by certified mail.

How do I cancel my LA membership online?

Go to the LA Fitness website. Log into your account, then look for the “My LA Fitness” page and go there. From the “Account Information” section, choose “Cancellation Form” Print it out and make sure to complete it properly.4 days ago

Is it hard to cancel LA Fitness membership?

LA Fitness has a quite complicated and time-consuming cancelation process. You need to think of canceling your membership well in advance and print and fill in the cancelation form. DoNotPay offers you an easy way out of your LA Fitness membership. With our app, the whole process will be over in just two minutes.

Can you cancel LA Fitness on app?

To cancel your membership, you must fill out a cancellation form then send the form in the mail, fax it to the gym, or take it to the gym in person. Unfortunately, LA Fitness has not made an option available to cancel your membership online.

How long can you freeze LA Fitness account?

Paid In Full members may suspend their memberships for up to 6 months by paying a $35 freeze fee. The expiration date on your membership will be increased by the amount of time you suspend your membership.

Does LA Fitness give refunds?

You can get a refund if you cancel your prepaid membership. Speak to the person at the front office and explain that you would like to get out of your membership. If they can’t help you, ask to speak to the manager. Log in to your LA Fitness account and scroll over the ‘Member Tools’ in your toolbar.

Can you reactivate a Cancelled LA Fitness membership?

Simply log in to your account online at Once logged in, you can select the “Freeze” option on the right side of the screen to suspend your account. When you are ready to reactivate your account, you can do so by again logging in to your membership area.

How do I get out of a personal training contract?

In order to terminate a contract, many gyms require members to submit a notarized letter of cancellation. This is a letter signed by an official notary public. When writing the letter, be sure to include your name, address, email address, and phone number. You must also list your gym account number.

Why is it so hard to cancel gym memberships?

Attorney, David Reischer, Esq. tells Men’s Health that “Gym club contracts are drafted in such a way as to not allow a person to quit without suffering a penalty. They are legally binding agreements that can only be breached when the terms of the contract are unconscionable or otherwise specifically prohibited by law.”

Does LA Fitness affect your credit?

In short, yes. If you fail to pay your membership fees, your gym can send your account to collections, which is a major negative mark on your credit report. A gym membership is just like any other recurring bill.

How do I sue for LA Fitness?

You have several options, including suing LA Fitness in small claims court.

How to file a small claims lawsuit against LA Fitness
  1. Prepare and file the lawsuit. Learn more.
  2. Notify (“serve”) LA Fitness’s agent for service of process. Learn more.
  3. Prepare for and attend the small claims hearing. Learn more.

How do I change my LA Fitness location?

Are LA Fitness Memberships Transferable? You cannot transfer an LA Fitness membership to another person. However, you can transfer your home club to another location by changing your primary location in the online member portal or speaking to a staff member in person.

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