How to cancel obe fitness

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How do I cancel OBE fitness Online?

Luckily, cancelling Obé is a lot easier and less hassle than cancelling a traditional gym membership. Simply log into your dashboard and go to settings, followed by subscriptions. Simply click cancel.

How do I cancel my OBE free trial?

Free trial is unclear – you sign up and enter your credit card for after the free trial ends, but they never tell you how long it is. It’s seven days. The only way to cancel a membership is by calling their office between 9:30AM-4:30PM Monday through Friday.

How do I call OBE fitness?

obe fitness
  1. 45 Main St, Ste 234, Brooklyn, New York, 11201, United States.
  2. Phone Number: (888) 820-0856.

How much does OBE cost per month?

Cost-wise, Obé is $27 per month, $65 per quarter, or $199 per year. Classes can be accessed from the web or mobile app, and you can connect or cast to your TV to enjoy the workout on a bigger screen.

Can OBE fitness instructors see you?

The teachers can’t actually see you in the live classes—at least, I’m pretty sure they can’t—but they do see a list of names of the people in the class and the cities they live in.

Who owns OBE fitness?

Co-founders Mark Mullett and Ashley Mills discuss how they went from television agents to launching a live streaming fitness platform, obe fitness.

Can you share an OBE account?

Cost. Digital memberships (for those who do not own their bike or treadmill) are $12.99 per month for one person. For bike or treadmill owners, it’s $39 per month for all users with equipment and the app (yes you can share!).

What does the star mean on OBE fitness?

Each advised class — or full, pre-designed program — is marked with a blue star, so you’ll always know what to focus on in any view of the thousands of workouts available.

Can you cancel OBE without calling?

They require you to call a phone number to cancel (you can’t cancel online) but the number they provide either rings forever or goes to an auto-generated message asking you to try again.

Is OBE on Roku?

You can also try Obé Fitness free for 7 days. Access classes via the Obé Fitness app, or stream them through your Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, FireTV, Airplay or a simple HDMI and laptop set-up. Pros: Offers variety and beginner-friendly workouts that are affordable.

Can I lose weight with OBE fitness?

That being said, combined with healthy eating obé is an outstanding workout program that could lead to weight loss. obé recommends 5 classes per a week and has a goal tracker in app. Of those, they feel 3 strength and 2 cardio classes are the most effective.

How much is OBE annual membership?

Obé costs $27 per month for unlimited live and on-demand classes (or a $199 annual subscription).

Does OBE have cycling?

So when Obé Fitness announced it was introducing its own cycling classes, called Obé Ride, (or, more accurately, when one of their brightly colored Instagram ads grabbed my attention), I knew I wanted to try them out.

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