How to cancel tru fit

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How do I cancel my membership Tru Fit?

How Do I Terminate My Membership? All cancellation requests must be submitted in writing either at the club or by certified mail to the club. Cancellations must be received 10 days prior (30 days prior in Texas) to your bill date. All past due balances will be collected at the time of cancellation.

Can I freeze my TruFit membership?

Can I “Freeze” My Membership? Yes. If you qualify by having an active and current account and are not able to use the club for medical reasons, a temporary move, military service, or missionary service, Tru Fit can place your account on freeze. Verification is required to process the freeze.

Who is the owner of TruFit?

John White – Founder – TruFit LLC | LinkedIn.

Is Tru fit a franchise?

Now, you have the opportunity to run your own TruHIT Fitness Studio when you franchise with us. You will be able to take our tried and true business methods, workout regiments, and our brand to help you make the money you want doing something you love.

How do you use Truefit?

To access your True Fit Profile in the future to add closet items or update your information, simply visit a True Fit-enabled retailer size and click on the ‘T’ icon on a product page to log in. Once complete, you’ll start receiving personally relevant recommendations that are True to You.

Who uses Truefit?

Download a list of all 199 Current TrueFit Customers
Website Location Traffic Japan Very High Canada United States United States


When was Truefit founded?

True Fit was originally founded in 2007 by graduates of Babson College, and was as a business-to-consumer company until 2010, when Adler joined the company and it pivoted to a business-to-business model.

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