How to use life fitness equipment

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How do you use the Life Fitness Elliptical?

The handrails on the outside will provide you with heart rate during exercise to begin the machine you’ll pull the handrails located to the outside. And press with your feet at the same. Time.

How do you use the Life Fitness chest press machine?

Start by adjusting the seat so the handles are at mid chest. Use the lever. Then choose the appropriate resistance by moving the pin in the weight stack.

How do I program my Life Fitness treadmill?

So what we’re gonna do is by program programming a user profile. See if we hit the button for user profile. Now. I already have two of them created. Okay.

How do I watch TV on my Life Fitness treadmill?

Once you are into your workout there’s a menu on the bottom right you can scroll. Through the tv icon will not actually work but you can select your netflix your youtube pluto tv pandora spotify.

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